4×4 Purchasing - We'll Buy Your Vehicle

Fantastic prices paid for your unwanted Land Rover, even if it is near the end of its life!

Should you have a vehicle you no longer want, or the repairs are proving too costly for you to justify keeping it on the road. The very nature of our business, we at Black Country 4×4 can always remain very competitive with regard to the purchase price.

Due to the fact we have our very own workshop with vast experience in rebuilds and repairs as well as breaker vehicles, we have the option to repair for resale or dismantle your vehicle – whichever is most cost effective for us. This in turn means we can always offer you a better deal.

Our insight and knowledge as to common faults and popular modifications means we can assess the value of your vehicle differently to scrapping an old car for cash.

If you’re not happy with our service or price for any reason, you’re free to cancel with no obligation.

As we are not an ATF centre, we purchase the vehicle and have the benefit of deciding the vehicles fate once you have received the agreed sum. The vehicle is then no longer your responsibility from this point on. We then follow strict guidelines regarding disposal of vehicles as set out by the environment agency in line with the DVLA regulations.

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ELV Regulations

Since the European Commission proposed the EC End of Life Vehicle Directive (EC ELV Directive) in 2000, there have been significant changes to car scrapping.

The EC ELV Directive impose stringent regulations on vehicle manufacturers and encouraging environmentally-friendly disposal practices, the overall aim is to reduce the amount of waste that remains even once a scrap car has been fully recycled. Categorising plastics, metals and cores including transfer movements and tonnage reporting of such waste.

Laws now in place ensures the UK meets its target of recycling a minimum of 95% of every vehicle disposed of. The Environmental Agency and DVLA govern Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) and only approved ATF centres can issue a certificate of destruction for the vehicle