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As motoring enthusiasts we probably do not need to tell you the importance of regularly servicing your vehicle. It is a primary function in ensuring the safety and efficiency of your motoring.

The difference when choosing a service for your 4X4 opposed to a general motorists, is that you vehicle may very well have been off road more than on the highways. Key areas to consider before a service is how the vehicle is most often used to determine which parts of the vehicle are more exposed to wear and tear.

If your motor is used mainly for commuting, you may well be stop starting in peak traffic. You may be moving very many miles per annum but motoring several hours a day still. This can still take it toll on braking and clutch and gear systems.

Vehicles used primary for off road collecting mud and such on pleasure cruises have a reduced life span of the above said parts so servicing should be done at closer intervals due the strain being put n the running gear and systems.

We at Black Country 4×4 understand that motoring can be an expensive necessary expense or a guilty pleasure. It doesn’t matter to us what type of motorist you are as long as your vehicle is safe and well maintained.

To suit all budgets and customer types we have several options regarding scheduling your vehicle service.

Full service, Part service, Mid point inspection checks all available for peace of mind.

We supply full service kits for you to carry our the task yourself or can book your vehicle in the work shop to be serviced while you wait or for collection.

We have great deals on genuine land rover parts and after market alternatives.

As a breaker yard we also have the added advantage of carrying used part items that cost a fraction of new giving us the competitive edge when considering pricing for all your vehicles service and repair needs.

Our experienced team can also carry out any welding work that needs doing to get your vehicle back up to safety standards. From minor welding for MOT work straight up to rebuilds and conversion welding. We have carried our many replacement axle jobs and bulk welding work for our customers who treasure their vehicle enough to not let it go to Landy heaven.

Very often, when other garages turn you away and say the job can not be done – we are the team that will make good your land rover off road vehicle.

As far as repairs go, if you would like to be paying extortion rates to approved land rover garages be our guest but down at Black Country 4×4 we are approved by our satisfied customers and utilise the fact we have breaker parts to hand and massive savings on after market and genuine vehicle parts- our prices for general repairs are very, very competitive.

Just get in touch to speak to our customer services team who will be happy to help.

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We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for dropping by our site.

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