Weatherproofing from BLACK COUNTRY 4X4

We specialise in wax oil cleaning and coating and carry out underbody shultz. We also offer the stone resistant coating tried and tested for 1000 hours under hot salt water attack. We only use the very best products on the market on our own and customer’s vehicles to ensure 100% satisfaction on all jobs carried out by Black Country 4×4. If you try to seal you vehicle without the correct preparation work, you can actually accelerate corrosion rather than prevent it with unseen damage lurking underneath the covering layer. This procedure is only effective if the underside of the vehicle is completely clean.

As part of our weatherproofing service we raise the vehicle and ensure it has a deep cleanse, removing dirt, oil grease and traffic film. The areas are wiped dry and then decontaminated with white spirit to ensure the coating attaches effectively.

Afterwards, any small rusting spots are treated with a wire brush ans rust remover. When the vehicle is contamination free we apply a generous coat of zinc primer rust inhibitor. We take every care to mask vulnerable parts on the underside of the vehicle such as the exhaust system, breaking and suspension prior to the coating being applied.

We must inform you that should you choose deep water treks in your vehicle, it is impossible to 100% fully water proof any vehicle. But here at Black Country 4×4 Limited we go a long way to hitting the highest percentage of protection possible. Water and weatherproofing from ourselves goes a long way to make you vehicle as resistant as possible to the elements. Excessive exposure ultimately take its toll on your 4×4 and without due care can reduce the performance and life span of your vehicle. So we are here to help.

Oil contamination and electrical components are prime areas for concern regarding water proofing. As diesel vehicles operate by compression rather than ignition they are a better candidate for wet treks hands down. But,even if you are not enjoying a off road water crossing, just regular driving in the adorable wet weather the more protected your vehicle the longer you will be able to enjoy it.

Dielectric silicone will protect the ignition system. A generous even covering will protect Spark plugs and distributors as a water resistant conductive barrier. Take note of where your vehicles ECU is located. They are sometimes in vulnerable locations. You may be able to relocate the ECU or guard it with encasing it and using silicone sealant to ensure it is air/water tight. There are commercial kits available for serious off roaders who enjoy the extreme elements. Adding a wading plug to the clucthc, breather pipes to the underside running gear and snorkels. Just don’t forget to detach relevant plugs and pipes when driving in normal conditions. As a bonus, the raised air intake provides cooler and cleaner air when driving in dusty conditions like the desert.