Weatherproofing from BLACK COUNTRY 4X4

Weatherproofing helps make your vehicle as resistant as possible to the elements.

Excessive exposure takes its toll on your 4x4 and without due care, this can reduce the performance and life span of your vehicle and lead to very costly repairs.

Fear not adventurers, we are here to help!

We specialise in wax oil cleaning and coating and carry out underbody rustproofing.

We use top of the range products such as Dinitrol, unlike many other brands DINITROL has been renowned for manufacturing automotive corrosion protection products since 1937

Many old Land Rovers are still driven today due to the owners commitment to apply regular rust proofing treatment applications.

Black Country 4x4 Budget Range

Pre weartherproofing instruction download

We have different levels of weather and rust proofing available. Please get in touch for details.

We pride ourselves on 100% satisfaction on all underbody protection weatherproofing carried out by Black Country 4×4.

Sealing your vehicle without the correct preparation work, you can actually accelerate corrosion rather than prevent it with unseen damage lurking underneath the shielding layer.

This procedure is only effective if the underside of the vehicle is completely clean.

Please be careful of other companies offering a similar service, saying you can have your car back within 24 hours or same day. As this process, if done properly should take three days.

We must inform you that should you choose deep water treks in your vehicle, it is impossible to 100% fully water proof any vehicle. But here at Black Country 4×4 Limited

we go a long way to hitting the highest percentage of protection possible.


Oil contamination and electrical components are prime areas for concern regarding water proofing. Dielectric silicone protects the ignition system. A generous, even covering will protect Spark plugs and distributors as a water resistant conductive barrier. You may be able to relocate the ECU or guard it by encasing it and using silicone sealant to ensure it is air/water tight.

There are commercial kits available for serious off roaders who enjoy the extreme elements. Adding a wading plug to the clucth, breather pipes to the underside running gear and snorkels. As a bonus, the raised air intake provides cooler and cleaner air when driving in dusty conditions like the desert.

Just don’t forget to detach relevant plugs and pipes when driving in normal conditions.


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