Black Country 4x4

is delighted to announce a joint venture with Black Country 4x4 Sales Limited to offer customers around the world the very best in Land Rover sales and care.

We’ve spent nearly ten years adding any accessories or modifications that our clients would like to their Land Rovers. From right here in Tipton, our customisations create some of the most exciting Land Rovers you’ve ever seen. We love amazing our clients by adding detailed, hand-crafted features to their beloved 4x4s. Brands like Dinitrol, Britpart and Bearmach trust us to use their quality products as we create the perfect Land Rovers for discerning drivers. We also offer full service vehicle maintenance, meticulous vehicle inspections and a huge range of Land Rover repairs, to ensure that your vehicle always achieves optimal performance.

Some of our clients want a modified Land Rover that will still drive smoothly and comfortably through any conditions, no matter how much rain, snow, sleet or mud they have to drive through as they navigate uneven ground. Some want the most luxurious interiors and accessories added to their vehicles. Others want custom paint and bodywork that will allow their 4x4s to stand out from anything they are parked next to. We also regularly build Land Rovers from scratch to create completely unique vehicles which are based on our clients’ specific requirements.

Whatever our clients need, we deliver work of the highest quality, on time, every time. The Land Rovers Live TV team were stunned by both the quality and the consistency of our work when they featured Black Country 4x4 in their popular shows. We’re so well known for our work on Land Rovers, that some of the world’s leading manufacturers of Land Rover accessories and parts partner with us to create super-premium experiences for their clients. We wanted to make those long journeys in Defenders more comfortable than ever before, so together with our partners, we created the world’s first ever Land Rover Defender Cruise Control system. You won’t be able to find this technology anywhere else. Those aches and cramps that often accompanied long-haul Land Rover driving are now past history. The future is sitting in our showroom and can be fitted to your Defender within a day.

Whether you want to buy a classic, highly sought-after 4x4, service any of your current Land Rovers, or fully customise a new Land Rover, Black Country 4x4 is proud to offer you a world-leading service here in the heart of the Midlands. Anyone is free to pop into our showroom to talk about their favourite cars or for advice on finding or creating the perfect Land Rover for them.

We sell a number of pre-made vehicles and are proud stockists and collectors of one of a kind Land Rovers, including one of the vehicles that were used in the James Bond Spectre movie. If you want to purchase a piece of cultural history as well as a hugely reliable Land Rover, then you’ll love our showroom.

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